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Best Node.js server hosting is one of the most famous JavaScript environment used by almost all of the developers.



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Faster Response


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Best Node Js Hosting Solution

Easily start the website with node js shared web hosting application only here. If you running a business that revolves around a rapid environment and wants to be productive, then cheap Node.js web hosting is an excellent choice.

Deploy Your Website with the World’s Leading Node Js Hosting Solution

Select the appropriate plan for your Node. js hosting server. You get round-the-clock expert assistance, a free YouTube video solution, simple site transfer and much more.

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Get Powerful India’s Node JS Server

What is Node Js Shared and VPS Hosting?

Node.js web hosting excludes a lot of waiting times, it truly is popular using industrial, business-focused sites, a commercial website. Cheap Node Js web hosting is lightweight and efficient. If you are searching to get a quick, searchable hosting selection for the organization, then you are going to become more curious about the affordable Node.js server. If your website is small and has medium traffic then you must prefer the best node js web hosting for that.

Node.js VPS hosting is a type of website hosting setting that allows resources like RAM, Hard disk and hardware to be dedicated to your account. If your business is large and you are working on a live project and your website has more traffic then you need to select the cheapest Node.js VPS hosting. In shared hosting single server host multiple sites.

Best node.js shared hosting is not enough for a website with high traffic. Large scale companies looking for Node.js VPS hosting solutions instead of Node.js web hosting server. Node.js VPS is a well-known alternative for conducting Node.js. Its unrestrictive environment is good for experimentation with various setups. The DomainRacer low-cost Node.js shared and best forex vps trading hosting is about cost decrease, increase reliability and efficiency. DomainRacer offers the Best Node.js web hosting and Node.js VPS hosting at an affordable price with extraordinary features.

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Cheap Node JS Hosting Hosting– Fully Featured

Ultra-Fast LiteSpeed

Your website available online is our priority. Our focus on efficiency, reliable and faster-performing sites with help of litespeed web hosting technology.

SSD Storage

With RAID 5 technology prevents your data from the crash and keep it away from loss. And also we provide SSD storage for saving your data securely.

Winning Security

The free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that verifies the identity of your website and to protect your site information data from harmful activity.


JetBackup is a powerful cPanel plugin that allows you to make backups of your hosting account. We provide JetBackup to restore account within a second.

1 - Click Apps

Softaculous is integrated with node js hosting cPanel that can install scripts and users can access widely in hosting accounts to install 450+ applications with 1 click.

Want to Migrate

You want to migrate your node js website? We offer free migrations with every plan by choosing plans you can easily transfer from the old server to a new server.

99.9% Uptime

Uptime surety is a term used to describe the service is available online and it’s probably the most important metric to measure the performance of web hosting.

Website builder

Create a running reliable mobile-friendly website with our easy to use SitePad builder free 1000+ templates scripts, themes. No coding skill experience required.

Most Reliable Top Node JS Web Hosting Provider

A best node js virtual web host is an environment of runtime for web servers. That permits JavaScript code to be executed by the hardware instead of the web browser for developing a new category of cloud applications. So, let’s Get started with a great technical support team here and India, UK, Canada, USA, Germany and Singapore base Data Center Server.

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Cheap Node.js Web Hosting India Business

Key Benefits of Unlimited Linux Node Js Server Hosting

  • Faster response time with a single-threaded program.
  • Simple, Quick and Easy to use or learn.
  • High-performance web application with SSD space.
  • Accessible platforms – MacOS, MariaDB, CloudLinux.
  • Simple and deployment across multiple languages
  • Scalable and Open-source environments.
  • Includes a completely CloudLinux control.

Best Node.Js Shared and VPS Hosting Plans

CloudLinux with Node js

Best Node js shared hosting is now installed with Cloud Linux means Friendly User Interface. Where all resources stored in one platform and it becomes very serviceable to manage it.

Programming Languages and Database

Node js web hosting supports multiple programming stages – Html, PHP, Apache Web Server, Python, Ruby on Rails, WordPress etc. The best database used for node js server is PostgreSQL and MariaDB etc.

SSD Space and SSL Access

The best and latest data storage technology which results in faster and reliable for your website. Our highly secured best Node.js hosting provides.

Node.js Application Serves

Cheap node js hosting benefits for I/O Bound shell scripting, Data Streaming, Data-Intensive Real time, JSON API, Single Page Applications (HTML, CSS, JS) etc.
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How Can Start Business Using Best Node Js Website Hosting

Our cheap Node js hosting is self-healing and latest edge techniques to provide you with a 99.99% online availability guarantee, the best performance node js hosting website deserves.


Fully Optimized SSD Storage

High-performance solid-state drive (SSD) storage space technology with an easy, reliable and practical configuration process. We have non-volatile SSD NodeJs web hosting. Our lightweight alternative resources leading high-scalability servers to optimize performance and increase capacity enterprise hardware.

CageFS - Applications For Choice

Our best node js hosting control panel India gives you more options and better performance for used latest PHP version 7.3 of our customers as applications like Joomla, WordPress, etc. require of your account.

Deployment Email Support

With our top Node.js web hosting cloud service to get professional email management services and Easy to use cheap cPanel reseller hosting to manage your node js hosting website service. We have a variety of email service solutions for your small business.
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Node JS Hosting Server Locations

Data Server location is nothing but the location of the data center where your website is hosted. We provide the best node JS hosting in India, Canada, France, UK, USA, over the 110 different countries.

DomainRacer offers you a potentially strong web hosting with node js control panel service to get the fastest loading speed. No matter where your server located it does not affect the speed of your website.

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Top & Cheap Node JS hosting India – Get Best Deals Here

DomainRacer cheap Node JS hosting server services are developed for ultimate speed and top-class security services, it will get from beginner to powerful-robust dedicated servers, you’ll get it all right here.

24/7 Greatest Technical Support

Our Low price Node.js shared cheap Linux hosting services assist you and deliver real-time customer support, call,  live chat, ticket on a continuous basis issue or problem with their quality. We are available for you 24/7.

Development Friendly Languages

With development-friendly node js hosting server the website you get, will be the best node js MongoDB hosting, node.js php hosting versions of solutions if you looking for developing software.

Support Free Guidance Resources

Build your dream website with 1000+ drag and drop options, professional templates, themes and you can also get extra resources or services on demands with your cheapest node js web hosting package deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Node.js? What is NPM in Node js?
Node.js is a JavaScript Runtime Environment platform that is built on top of Google Chrome’s v8 engine. Most of the users of Node.js build various types of web applications, live chat application etc.

The main motto of the best Node.js hosting services allows for developing very fast and scalable network programs like web servers, similar to PHP, Windows, Linux.

What is NPM in Node js:-

(It stands for Node Package Manager)

Nodejs is an extensively fast-growing community and package ecosystem called Node Package Manager (NPM). npm is a command line interface program to manage node.js libraries.

Why choose Node.js hosting with DomainRacer?
If you’re looking for a Nodejs web hosting India provider where you can build applications using Node.js.

Here DomainRacer is one of the cost-effective & low-cost node js hosting price solutions you can get started from as low-cost plans that offer Node.js hosting.

Also, we provide you with WordPress hosting plans India and the best cloud Linux environment that

  • can help you increase speed up sites using Node.js
  • with our 99.9% Uptime Commitment ultra-reliable service.

DomainRacer is a really affordable option for cheap node js hosting India and development with low cost and scales up with the most of free resources guidance, want to extra resources just pay for what you need.

Even the best hosting for the node js package gives you access to unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth. We offer a wide range of hosting plans compatible with Node.js applications.

If you have any issues during the installation process, you can contact to support team by opening a ticket and live chat is available.

Does DomainRacer support Node.js? How to host node js website?
Node.js is becoming one of the most popular program languages. Web hosting Node.js can be hosted on a shared hosting plan. DomainRacer does support best node.js hosting services that provide access to install for your command to run.

Get up and try with Node.js hosting cheap services for $xx/month with a free SSL certificate, full root access so that you can install many applications on your server.

Best node js hosting 2020 offer one-click Softaculous installation of Node.js so that you can easily install 450+ applications & CMS based platforms on your requirements and online node js server are different countries data Center like India, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Indonesia, and Germany. Connects with different development or supporting scripting languages with real-time Web applications.

Additionally, node js hosting in cPanel provided with easy to use cPanel or control panel tool so that you can easily manage your best Nodejs hosting account without any difficulty at a low price cost.

These are some following steps for installation of Node.js:

Step 1: Get Shell Access

Step 2: Check for Previous Installs

Step 3: Install Node Version

Step 4: Installing Node.js

Step 5: Check NPM Global

Step 6: Add to Bash Startup

Why should you use Node.js for website?
Online web hosting node js server is a trending technology and provides a new perspective and best way to web development.

  • Node.js has the most community support which provides a large number of open-source tools and its work on almost all platforms such as Windows, MacOS, MariaDB, Linux and many more.
  • Ensures excellent server scalability with help of event mechanism that enables the server to respond to the non-blocking way.
  • Node.js is an event-driven non-blocking I/O model framework especially helpful to lightweight, efficient, data-intensive and real-time applications that runtime devices.
  • Node js utilizes fully feature server-side JavaScript engine originally built Google chrome to provide a server-side response for web developer’s requests.
  • The remarkable speed of code execution server-side platform built to Google Chromes V8 engine.
  • Node js is an excellent choice to your running a business that revolves around a rapid environment to be productive and event-driven performance.
  • Node.js hosting server has a faster response time. It creates a single-threaded program while handling a large number of concurrent requests comparison with legacy servers.
  • It is the best-suited technology choice and built for scalable environments for microservice architecture.
  • Node js is easy as well is highly accelerated technology choice and built for scalable environments for microservice architecture AND several open-source JS tools available.
  • Node.js is a runtime environment for web servers that permits JavaScript to be executed the hardware instead of the browser for developing web applications.
What are the key features & benefits of Node.Js web hosting?

DomainRacer one of the most reliable features & benefits services cheap node js hosting India provider to small & large size organizations from all leading industries.

We are the expertise of a more impressive suite of node js hosting control panel India solutions by observing our client’s expectations.

Node.js cloud server hosting efficiently remarkable popularity features and most useful benefits of Node.js web hosting prices are below.

  • Deploy Node.js application within few clicks.
  • Provide easy to use UI interface.
  • Automatic scaling Node.js without downtime.
  • PHP, MySQL and MariaDB support.
  • Easy to use code-writing with less involvement of risks.
  • Reduce Page Load Times with high traffics.
  • One-click setup of NodeJS & ready to use NodeJS.
  • Deploy multiple NodeJs applications with different ports.
  • NodeJS enables automatic domain mapping for your applications.
  • Fully manageable free application setup support.
  • Nodejs supports Database management systems (DBMS) like node js MariaDB hosting and economically best MySQL hosting company.
Is DomainRacer Node.js shared hosting secure?
If you choose a reliable cheap Nodejs hosting is perfectly safe. DomainRacer is the one-stop secured cloud node.js hosting providers solution with Free SSL License, Immunify360, Immunify AV+ for all the cheapest Nodejs shared hosting India needs. Offer 24/7 support team will help you to create the best online presence and its services are well suitable for traffic sites.

DomainRacer is top country servers are secured with top-class tools ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection and Firewall comes with world-class technology.

Acquire node js best hosting in countries like India, UK, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Nederland etc.

Secure with Firewall & ModSecurity.

Firewall & ModSecurity is a plugin that allows preventing or strong wall for your site from hackers & various attack attempts and secures it from them.