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Pure SSD Storage

No moving parts like HDD, we have non-volatile MySQL hosting. It makes you super-faster and our technology adds extra boost on top of this.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL acts verification for website security for your Domain and Sub Domain. The HTTPS:// appearing in the URL protect your website.

CloudLinux Platform

CloudLinux hosting known for faster data access with industry leading for better usage of the site resources using MySQL database support

Website Builder

The easy to use an interface website builder to build a professional site there is no requirement of technical skills to build great websites.
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Fully Features Top MySQL Web Hosting

Fully managed MySQL database hosting server with high availability and robust enough to handle large databases for top-level organizations. The Dedicated MySQL hosting provide client database management tools must be easy to use and users always have access to MySQL database hosting server for plans

  • MySQL includes solid data security and support that protect sensitive site data from intruders. It can be a great benefit for especially e-commerce business that involves easy money transfers.
  • Cheap MySQL hosting  features are replication accessible for every single real stage, it is a storage engine framework feature to configure the MySQL database server for unique memory caching enhance performance.
  • MySQL latest version is the most popular free open source database and strong support offered by cloud MySQL hosting server to secure enhance customer interactions.
  • PHP and MySQL provides an interactive and user-friendly website that facilitates visitors to interact a genuinely dynamic and flexible content.

Choose Fully Managed MySQL Web Hosting Server

Get a satisfaction of getting moved to DomainRacer. We always believe that our cloud MySQL hosting server provide faster and affordable service and Our dedicated India, UK, USA, Germany, Canada and Singapore based server support

LiteSpeed with SSD Storage

Exclusive Turbo faster Server offers the high capacity SSD (solid-state-Drives) storage. Your site can hold five times faster as much data space as the higher capacity drives.

Free SSL Certificate

Cheap MySQL hosting FREE SSL certificates offer top different levels of security to secure your website from hacker’s attacks and in real-time keep your website with us is always secure.

SEO Tools with CloudLinux

Explore our suite of free SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing Tools and cloud Linux platform increases server stability, stable, and profitable allocated server resources.

99.9% Uptime with Backup*

Cheap MySQL hosting – The online availability of your site is a top priority with uptime. Website data is backed-up with JetBackup quick services and restore an account within seconds.

The Blazing Fast Best MySQL Database Hosting

Cloud MySQL hosting platform comes with all favourite tools and always have access to the best MySQL database hosting. Our MySQL web hosting increases the performance and reliability of your site by giving MySQL database its own virtual private server.

CloudLinux Environment

The CloudLinux Environment is a high-level cache technology that isolates reliable better performance and we provide them with a large number of resources facility.

Pure SSD Storage

Our MySQL Hosting uses very high-speed unlimited SSD storage, which means better high performance & faster websites page loads and unmetered bandwidth.

Secure with Free SSL

MySQL Hosting includes the free SSL in all our plans which allows every site to secure connection for free with top security tools (Mod Security and DDoS protection).

One Click Apps

450+ great scripts application like WordPress, Magento and many more apps install with help of softaculous is the leading Auto Installer for cPanel.

Free site Migration

In Cheap MySQL Web Hosting including all associated files and databases transfer/migrate from old to new server smooth transfer with quality service.

Free Attracta SEO Tools

Attracta’s Free SEO Tools have provided thousands of customer enterprise with the tools necessary to help increase ranking position in search engine rankings.

Reliable Real Support

With MySQL will get our experts peace of mind real time support – #tickets, chat, Email and Call support. We provide our clients a complete suite guidance.

Email Protection

Cloud MySQL accessible on any device with easy to use Webmail and Pop3/IMAP coupled with Basic Spam protection at the point of entry into our network.

Free Website Builder

Free feature SitePad builder to build a dedicated website in minutes. To build a website we give you the choice of selecting themes and templates.

Low cost, Cheapest and High Rise Small Business Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I create a new MySQL database?

With DomainRacer dedicated MySQL web hosting, you can easily create a new local database from your cPanel or control panel with just a few clicks. If you need any help contact us and we provide free guidance resources MySQL Linux hosting remote access.

MySQL originally developed to handle and manage large databases quickly. MySQL allow users to choose the most effective storage engine to stored data and across multiple storage engines.

What is MySQL Hosting and why do I need it?

Cloud MySQL is a relational database management system. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The Cloud MySQL database hosting application is used for quick replication processing purposes, reliability, including logging applications. MySQL database hosting works rapidly with huge comparison informational collections.

You can also create and manage MySQL databases form the cPanel control panel. MySQL offers a variety of tools for database management and the main advantage of MYSQL is cross-platform compatibility and allows multiple users to manage numerous databases.

What is MySQL database in web hosting?
MySQL is an open source Relational Database Management System or RDBMS. Its name is a combination of “My” and “SQL”, that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). MySQL vps database is similar to the common databases. It is a program cluster all the time on the server and gives access.
Why MySQL is used with PHP?
PHP is the most popular scripting language used for form validation database connectivity and file operations. PHP used as a general programming language and utilize data to create a desired powerful for making interactive site and webpages.

MySQL is only a Relational Database Management System. The PHP and MySQL combination connections comparison cluster to be powerful way to create useful and dynamic webpages.

Which database is best for a website?

MySQL Linux database is the most important and best reliable database for developing and building a website. DomainRacer provides cheap price and reliable dedicated MySQL database connections with hosting plans with the database used in almost all the open source google relational web hosting that requires the database backend.

Dedicated MySQL Databases hosting allow storing lots of data to manage an easy to access manner. MySQL databases are available with our web hosting packages plans and it requires many web applications including content management systems.

How to access MySQL databases remotely?

Cloud MySQL dedicated configure server manage database using the host IP connection to the server from another google. The list of hosts and IPs that are allows managing the database replication on your account remotely access from the Remote cheap PHP MySQL hosting tool in cPanel and control panel.