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Best and Effective MySQL Database Hosting Plans

No. 1 cheapest MySQL database hosting services. We offer premium packages that include a 99.99 % uptime server, ImunifyAV+, LiteSpeed Cache Technology and secure MySQL data transfer.

Best Cheap MySQL Database Hosting

Cheap MySQL database hosting is one of the popular strategies to spread your online business presence. MySQL is the most widely used open-source database engine in Linux and cloud-based platforms. Best PHP web hosting offers a basic MySQL instance included in its every hosting plan at no extra cost.

Start own MySQL database hosting business website with DomainRacer. DomainRacer is a reliable, faster and unlimited online MySQL hosting company provider in the world. They are offering unique specifications at a very low cost according to your requirement. DomainRacer has its servers and they are available in multiple countries like India, the USA, UK, Singapore, Germany, France, and Canada, etc. Most of the users want to grow their website business faster then DomainRacer is the suitable option to expand your future business.

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MySQL database hosting service is undoubtedly one of the most important languages and tools available on the internet today. It connects websites to their databases and makes operations possible. However, not all servers are built to host MySQL or the databases it runs. Web hosting optimized for MySQL is a great option if you are looking to create infrastructure for your site or organization. They offer their services in different countries like Indonesia, south africa etc

Lifetime Backup Process: – Affordable mysql database online hosting will protect your website data with instance backup process. In case of data loss then DomainRacer helps to secure your data through the weekly JetBackup platform.

CloudLinux Infrastructure: –

CloudLinux is a high-level cache environment that isolates reliable performance and provides better performance. You can access a large amount of MySQL resources.

Multiple best cheap MySQL hosting companies improves your future business. If you want a better amount of website traffic then DomainRacer is the better opportunity for you.

Why Choose Cheap MySQL Hosting PHP Database Web Server?

  • 99.99% Online Availability: – DomainRacer gives a 99.99% uptime server guarantee with various countries like India, UK, the USA, Singapore, Germany, Canada, and France.
  • Top Quality of Security: – There are so many multiple numbers of 7+ topmost security performance like Imunify AV+, Imunify360, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection and Firewall etc..
  • Free Ranking SEO Tool: – To get a free ranking SEO Default tool. They are maintaining your website traffic as well as controlling website resources.
  • 21x LiteSpeed with SSD Storage:- There are so many MySQL hosting database platforms in the market but if you want more business then you can go with a better PHP MySQL hosting company. Choose the best option that is providing 21x LiteSpeed cache technologies.
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Pure SSD Storage

No moving parts like HDD, have non-volatile hosting. It makes your website super-faster and our technology adds an extra boost on top of this.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL acts as verification for website security for your domain and sub domain. The HTTPS:// appearing in the URL protects your website.

CloudLinux Platform

CloudLinux hosting is known for faster data access with industry-leading.  For better usage of the site resources using MySQL database support.

Website Builder

For the easy-to-use interface free website builder to build a professional site. There is no requirement for technical skills to build great websites.

Choose Cheap MySQL Web Hosting Server

Get the satisfaction of getting moved to DomainRacer. We always believe that cloud MySQL hosting server provides faster and affordable price service. Our server is available in so many countries. Like India, UK, USA, Germany, Canada, France and Singapore based server top MySQL hosting support.

21x LiteSpeed with SSD Storage

Exclusive faster MySQL hosting server offers high capacity and speeds SSD storage. Your MySQL hosting sites can load ten times faster than much data. They support the LiteSpeed technology and SSD space needed for higher speed.

Well Managed MySQL Hosting:

Delivers best values on time by perfect administration, and coatings. Our easy-to-use MySQL database cloud hosting is the hallmark. This is a priority to keep MySql database website hosting safe on a cheap Europe VPS server platform.

Get Free SEO Tools (Worth $49/month)

Explore a suite of premium SEO Tool (Worth $49/month) Free (Limited Time Offer) to boost your SEO ranking. SEO tool helps you audit your content page. And support uses new techniques to optimize your page with the highest quality. DomainRacer launched a new free ranking SEO Default tool. They are also used to grow our website traffic. 

99.99% Uptime with Backup*

cheap MySQL hosting – The online availability of your site is our top priority. Availability of websites totally depends on the highest 99.99% server uptime. Also, the web offers unlimited MySQL hosting website data is backed up. Your website backup always maintains with JetBackup quick services within seconds.

The Blazing Fast Best MySQL Hosting Services

Online MySQL hosting provider platform comes with all essential tools. We are specialized in the best MySQL database hosting. Our PHP MySQL web hosting increases the performance and reliability of your site. With the help of an unlimited MySQL database on its own virtual private server.


The CloudLinux environment is a high-level cache technology that isolates reliable and better performance. Get a large number of MySQL resources.

User Friendly Control Panel

Our completely easy-to-use dashboard for your MySQL deployments. Allow quick and easy file transfer. Provide secured infrastructure to check and manage your MySQL database.

Pure SSD Storage

Our best MySQL hosting service uses high-speed unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth. Easy to boost the website performance & reduces loading time. High Speed compared to others.

Free site Migration

The reliable MySQL hosting allows easy migration of all associated files and databases. They are transferred from old to new servers with full convenience. And most compatible MySQL database management.

Secure with Free SSL

MySQL hosting includes the free SSL and industry 7+ high rated top security tools. Like ModSecurity, DDoS protection, Imunify 360, Imunify AV+, and a firewall.

Free SEO Tools

We built premium SEO tools for you to audit your content page. Our SEO Default free SEO Tool helping you easily find problems on your pages and solve them within a few clicks 

Solid Backup Process

With low-cost PHP MySQL hosting to secure your data with quick backup services and. Our JetBackup weekly backups process allows you to restore in case of any data loss.

Email Protection

MySQL hosting is accessible on any device with easy to use Webmail and Pop3/IMAP coupled. Help with Basic Spam protection at the point of entry into our network.

Free Website Builder

Free SitePad builder of our MySQL server hosting service to build a dedicated website in minutes. We give you the choice of selecting themes and templates.
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Fully Features Top MySQL Web Hosting

A fully managed MySQL database discovers the best node js hosting services server. The server is powerful enough to handle large databases. The simple client database management tools by the Dedicated unlimited MySQL hosting price. The users always have access to the cheap MySQL database hosting price server.

  • MySQL is one of the quick database dialects, upheld by an enormous number of benchmark tests.
  • Cheap MySQL hosting plans and features are replication accessible. They support every single real stage, it is a storage engine framework feature. To configure the MySQL hosting server for unique memory caching to enhance performance.
  • We offer a range of tools for managing databases, inquiring, and optimizing. Get the latest version is the most popular offered by cloud MySQL hosting server. And MySQL database hosting server to enhance customer interactions.
  • PHP MySQL web hosting has quick loading utilities on account of the diverse cache memory. They give a superior performance without losing the basic worth of the software.

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Get a Best Web Hosting Experience with MySQL Database Server

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MySQL Hosting?

Hosting a MySQL database is a relational database management system. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The cheapest MySQL database hosting application is used for quick replication. And they support various applications like processing purposes, reliability, including logging applications. MySQL database online hosting works rapidly with huge comparison informational collections.

Its name is a combination of “My” and “SQL”, which uses Structured Query Language (SQL). Affordable MySQL VPS database is like the common databases. It is a program cluster all the time on the server and gives access.

Why do I need MySQL Hosting?

MySQL hosting is one of the excellent options as it is a free open-source database. It can be easily integrated with the cloud on speedy dedicated servers.

Fully managed MySQL hosting offers a variety of tools for database management. The main advantage of MYSQL is cross-platform compatibility. Easy for multiple users to manage many databases.

What do I look for in cheap MySQL Hosting Services?

DomainRacer offers ready-to-go features and low-cost MySQL hosting plans. Scan them as follows:

Fastest Performance: Make your database connections with flawless uptime. And faster exponential loading speeds for your future website. 

Unlimited storage space:  Provides open-handed limitless storage. That allows your MySQL database to take up sufficient space.

Security Suite: Protect MySQL database and prevent it from loss with high-security advanced performance protocol.

Professional Customer service: Well-managed system to answer any questions or queries. Commitment to solving issues whenever I shoot up.

Free CDN Integration:  Server sends data to the end-user after retrieving it from the database. CDN helps to forward your all content to the global community without any slowdowns and long waiting periods. 

How can I create a new MySQL database?

With DomainRacer dedicated to MySQL web hosting, you can create a new local database. You can create from your cPanel or control panel with a few clicks. If you need any help contact us and we provide free guidance resources MySQL Linux hosting remote access.

Unlimited MySQL hosting services developed to handle and manage large databases quickly. PHP Mysql web hosting allows users to choose the most effective storage engine. To store data and across many storage engines.

Why MySQL is used with PHP?

PHP is the most popular scripting language. They are used for form validation database connectivity and file operations. PHP is used as a general programming language. To use data to create the desired power for making interactive sites and web pages.

MySQL is only a Relational Database Management System. The PHP MySQL web hosting combination connection comparison cluster is a powerful way to create useful and dynamic web pages.

What are the Advantages of MySQL?

MySQL is the best choice for SQL database implementation and an efficient way to build web pages. Let’s see the advantages of MySQL:

Scalability: It is able to customize large amounts of data and has the ability. To manage embedded applications easily.

User-Friendly Interface: Real-time monitoring of website performance. Get help in quick troubleshooting of all operational issues.

Cost-effective: Save the licensing and maintenance fees so cut software expenses.

Great Compatibility: MySQL shows good compatibility with used operating systems. They include Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc as well as development components like PHP, Apache, and more.

Easy to Start: MySQL completes its installation within minutes. Enables management process easier with automated restart and convenient configuration set up.

Reliability: MySQL with implementation data protection features provides fast recovery backups for unusual disasters.

Which Database is Best for a Website?

MySQL Linux database is the most important and best reliable database for developing and building a website. DomainRacer provides cheap prices and reliable dedicated MySQL hosting database connections. MySQL hosting plans with the database used in almost all the open-source google relational top web hosting that requires the database backend.

Dedicated unlimited MySQL database hosting allows storing lots of data. To manage an easy-to-access manner. MySQL databases are available with our web hosting packages plans. It requires many web applications including content management systems.