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Start building a worldwide website to get your business online. We can improve business with cheap web hosting for web developers or freelancers.

Build your custom websites with a 21x faster Litespeed cache technology. Simple and Easy setup, unlimited resources for your future business. Security monitoring cPanel with ultimate web developer-friendly hosting experience for all your apps.

Top Plans

Web Developer Hosting Packages

affordable shared hosting plans
Shared Hosting
21x LiteSpeed
SSD Storage

40% OFF

$ 0.99/mo
cheap reseller hosting services
Reseller Hosting
Pure White Label

40% OFF

$ 4.29/mo
least expensive vps hosting plans
VPS Hosting
2TB Bandwidth
20GB SSD Storage

20% OFF

$ 8.22/mo
low cost  lms hosting plans
LMS Hosting
Private Video Stage
LMS License

40% OFF

$ 6.99/mo
affordable web developer portfolio hosting
free liteSpeed technology services

21x Faster

Speedy Tech

Faster 21x LiteSpeed web hosting for web developer portfolio services reduces response time. We can increase the performance of your website in search engine ranking.

ssd developer hosting plans 2019

High Storage

Full Feature SSD

Our SSD hosting for freelance developers includes everything you need to be successful. The big advantage of SSD space experiences the faster page speed of your site.

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Very Secure

Free HTTPs (SSL)

Our security features include a 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. It is the perfect solution for securing internal servers. They are free SSL secure hosting with Let’s Encrypt.

web developer hosting google


Super CloudLinux

CloudLinux provides a high level of stability features and prevents resources. They make every server efficient and solid stable in the most stressful situations. 

Cheap Web Hosting Provider for Developer 

Sign up with a web developer reseller or shared hosting with a top leading industry.  Helps to high performance and predictable low-cost plans. You get the latest version of your favorite developer-friendly portfolio hosting solutions.  

Web Developer Portfolio Hosting Needs!

DomainRacer is the best option for building and deploying amazing web applications. Our hassle-free freelance web developer hosting platform can continue to focus on business. Many best solution applications deployed with the least issues.

Powerful 21x LiteSpeed

Check advanced & optimized web developer hosting plans. Enjoy power-up web hosting with the latest MariaDB. Get 21x LiteSpeed technologies for a more unbeatable performance web Server.

Free SSL Certificate

You will get SSL or HTTPS certificates without any extra charges. To serve you better and secure service and the Let’s Encrypt is a step forward for security on the Internet.

100% SSD Storage & Bandwidth

Web developer SSD hosting experience fastest page speeds with pure SSD disks. Get non-volatile hosting cache technology delivers reliable facilitating performance.

1-Click Application

Easy to install the content management system. One-click auto installers Softaculous installed all 450+ scripts. And apps like WordPress, Forums in just.

Extensive Security

ModSecurity, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection, Imunify AV+, and Firewall are top security tools.  They are always ready to secure your website data and avoid data loss.

JetBackups Infrastructure

JetBackup self-service allows users to backup an account within a few seconds. Our web developer hosting companies keeping files is always safe.

Discover Best Freelance Web Developer Website

DomainRacer made the best hosting for web developers.

Best WordPress web developer hosting has worldwide servers in various countries. Like India, UK, USA, Germany, Canada, and Singapore, etc. with 99.99% uptime. We serve a wide range of workloads like web developer-friendly hosting. They support WordPress-managed websites, e-commerce websites, large databases, and enterprise applications.

Buy Now & Build Website

Profitable Web developer Hosting Business Plans

reseller and shared web hosting companies

Start Advanced Building Project

Our servers have 21x performing fast and reliable SSD drives. They are protected with RAID 5 technology. So your site has grown online during busy loading periods. Also, you can check here the best hosting for web designer.

web developer hosting whmcs tools

Client Management WHMCS Account

DomainRacer offers a high-quality domain and hosting service. They are given the most competitive low prices in the small-scale business. Easy to manage domains and affordable because the internet needs people.

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High Availability Server

The web developer hosting services built a state-of-the-art infrastructure. They achieve 99.99% uptime high availability clusters and excellent customer support. Upgrade your website with the qualitative best cheap vps hosting provider

guide for developer web hosting

Programming & Databases for Website

PHP, MySQL, and Perl open-source server-side scripting programming languages are supported in web development and MySQL is provided as a popular database used in web applications such as WordPress.

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Start Your Business Website Now..!!!

Grow Business With Web Developer Hosting Options

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24/7/365 Lifetime Support

It’s always good to have some help. Our experts on standby for a friendly support team. Always might occur to assist or here to help! 24/7/365 days – Ticket, Call (10 am to 7 pm), Email etc.
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Advanced Email Features

Our Email service allows you to manage many email accounts. An email account created from different providers under one roof.  Easy to create professional custom domain email addresses for your developer business.

free guidance resources for developers

Developer Guide Resources

Build your website with advanced programming languages and databases. There are several languages such as PHP,  Python, and MySQL. DomainRacer offers free guidance resources like Knowledgebaseblog and Top 50+ videos.

relaible web hosting services for web developers

Website Development Hosting Planning Process

DomainRacer provides the latest version of the web development software and gives 360-degree solutions to our customers. Our main priority is to deliver a hassle-free platform for website development. From installing web applications to managing websites we give you 24/7 expert support to customers.

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“I am thinking of starting my first technology blog then I found DomainRacer. It has very good web developer hosting services at a low price. “I am  HAPPY with DomainRacer Hosting and Their Anytime Support Services“

Christie Mckinney

“I want to start a reseller business. I did some research on google and I found the only DomainRacer. Whenever I search for reseller hosting I only get Domain Racer. Really a great developer hosting provider”
Mack Hopkins

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I build my website in developer hosting?

>Website builders are a perfect solution for individuals web developer businesses. They are launching a website from a simple single-page site to a professional web store. They are not necessary for coding or HTML experience knowledge.

We are the best for providing the SitePad builder for more experienced. Users can customize the design to suit their own needs to install web design plans. That easily allows building the perfect site.

SitePad is a simple drag and drops free website builder. They are using an easy-to-use responsive 500+ professional template layout and themes. We can cover a wide range of categories like web pages, portfolios, blogs, and many more. Easy to help you create a simple personal site to more complex business websites.

SitePad license is available for creating many websites for unlimited users on the server. SitePad is integrated with several popular control panels to allow you direct access.

Top SitePad Builder Features

  • SitePad you get the ability to update and publish changes to your website with a single click.
  • Get compatible themes, layouts, and widgets with all screen sizes. We can make your life much easier with unlimited resources.  
  • SitePad is static pages utilizing HTML and CSS there is no need to retrieve them from a database.
  • 1000+ Ready-to-use template layout and themes to start website building immediately.
  • Create a blog to publish new posts and an intuitive user interface to make the experience better
  • SitePad offers a wide variety of template scripts, layouts, and themes. Around which you can base your website, including those designed and much more.
What are the Hosting features that Freelancers Need?

The challenge for freelancers is the rule of needs, which may differ from one client to another. So freelancers have to discover web hosts with immense potential.

Fast Development & Deployment: The web host having the provision to design and unique creation. We can launch customer blogs, any personal sites and support a freelancer’s essence.

Incredible Performance: It is difficult to be in the middle of a client and a service provider. The best website performance reliability and server speed, create fewer problems for freelancers.

User-friendly Environments: Dissimilar projects must have different environments for development. A web host with such diversity in this area can be helpful.

Scalability: Freelancers may work with clients having businesses of all sizes. So it is necessary to freelance to work with one host that can make a difference.

Availability: Those web hosts are good for freelancing which has great programs that can be available. Great programs using both clients and referrals from freelancers.

What are the basic features of a Web developer Hosting plan?

Here is a list of features that provide web developer hosting plans:

Disk Space Storage

Data storage space means the amount of disk space offered to you by your web developer hosting. Our web developer hosting packages include unlimited data storage. They are included with differing amounts of space. We can need all sizes of sites from professional websites to larger company websites.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Bandwidth means the amount of data that can transfer from a website over a period of time. Our best web developers hosting plans offer that include unmetered bandwidth. There are used to state the amount of data that can be transferred per second instead

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime means the percentage of time that a hosting server is available online. DomainRacer web developer plan provides 99.99% uptime server guarantee assurance. The website will not suffer disruption from hardware failures, DDos Protection attacks. DomainRacer handles content management system maintenance.

Development Programming Services

The web developer hosting company’s packages also let you create a site. With the help of different programming languages and databases including HTML, PHP. The best offers PHP language and MySQL database.>

How does the DomainRacer support their customers?
DomainRacer offers a 24/7 customer support system round the clock. We can receive technical help and support anytime you need to. To avoid possible downtime for your websites.

DomainRacer cheapest web developer hosting has an in-depth knowledge base. It supports scalable servers for the greatest speed. We offer large web hosting 24/7 support and were considered a service. A huge management time support via email support, call support.

Also, we help you migrate your hosting.

Free website migration is the step of moving or transferring your website. Your website transfers from one domain server to a completely different hosting server.

It is also preferred and the fastest way to get our top country’s data server support. They support various countries like India, Singapore, Germany, UK, the USA, and Canada. So, you can migrate your web developer hosting.

What are the factors that make the best web hosting for developers?

To find the accurate best web hosts for developers for future business. You need to check the best doings of the hosting provider and all the plans include exactly.

Sufficient Resources:Web hosts should provide enough storage, RAM, CPU, or bandwidth. They are easy to hold database-driven web apps.

Frameworks: Save your time with pre-configuration of database like MySQL

All-time Availability: Need a web host that ensures the highest possible uptime guarantee

Security: Protected infrastructure always supports a plus point. They are especially on shared and VPS hosting plans.

Value for money: An ideal host allows you to scale up when you need more resources. Provide flexibility to move from small to big-size projects.
Developer Friendly Support: If you are stuck with any high technical issues then they should offer to debug it.

Do I need technical knowledge to use web developer hosting?
The DomainRacer support team made the web developer hosting option accessible for everyone. It supports a cPanel or control panel system that is easy to use & manage your domains and hosting. Our technical support team offers committed performance & always available. Mostly they assist you on the phone and online chat. Easy to help with your problem and start companies or Small businesses.

Work with clients for long-term technical support strategies to deliver a return on investment. Better understand your business requirements into our support process needs of our clients. DomainRacer guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

DomainRacer offers web hosting for developers in different countries. Their supporters are India, Malaysia, UK, the USA, and many more.