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As we offer a 21x faster LiteSpeed web server hosting. So, you can create PHP applications based on high uptime performance. Get a successful online business with the best PHP hosting experience.

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Top Features of PHP Hosting Service

Create and deploy your favorite PHP-based application and CMS solutions. DomainRacer is a powerful and cheap PHP web hosting plan. Helps to develop the project on the latest PHP version. All our servers round the clock to ensure that the most advanced performance updates.

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Ultra Fast LiteSpeed & Secure Servers

Boost your website to handle more traffic and ranking in SERP. They provide a powerful, faster Turbo Server. Our cheap PHP Hosting servers support many feature platforms. With the latest 21x faster LiteSpeed cache technology with affordable hosting packages.

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Pure SSD AND Free SSL Certificate

Enjoy our best PHP hosting packages for the enterprise Linux servers platform. They are using unlimited SSD drives and SSL certificates by default. That helps to get the greatest performance of your website. Better improving the search engine visibility in Google ranking.

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Top Priority & Powerful Security Tools

We have maintained our high-level 7+ security standards. Always passionate to provide secure and up-to-date top security tools. They always support DDoS protection, firewall, email spam protection, Imunify 360, Imunify AV+, ModSecurity,etc. You can protect your site data.

Grow Your Business With Best PHP Hosting

Looking for a cheap PHP web hosting server service? You are here at the right place. The best PHP web hosting service for web developers provided by DomainRacer. DomainRacer is very powerful for all websites and CMS base PHP portals. Sign up for your account and leverage the benefits of the latest PHP versions.


Free SEO & Ranking Tools (Worth $49.00)

We provide top SEO tools for superior SEO success. With this SEO tool, you can completely analyze your website within minutes. To help with our SEO tools, you can do your SEO page audit. Other various strategies also support keyword research, content editor, SERP analyzer, and 20+ many more factors. We provide a free SEO ranking tool “SEO Default”.

Unrestricted Crew Support

Our round-the-clock 24/7 technical support team is always ready. Easily prepared to solve any technical issues quickly. You will experience the best PHP support via email, live chat, phone calls, and tickets.

Latest PHP & MySQL Version

We ensure that you get the most compatible alternative versions. And your script runs with our cheap web hosting PHP & MySQL service. You need to run the most recent access version of PHP.

99.99% Online Availability Guarantee

Our top most priority is to avoid downtime in the cheapest best PHP web hosting panel. We assure a 99.99% uptime guarantee and great support with our powerful servers.

Choose PHP Web Hosting From DomainRacer

The small business top rated PHP web hosting company which supports various multiple languages like MySQL, Perl, PHP 7, etc. Best cheap PHP web hosting services provider became popular in 99.99% uptime server guarantee with top countries like India, Canada, Australia, ,USA,UK, Singapore, etc. and all over the glob.

Ultra-Fast PHP Hosting – Developer Friendly

DomainRacer is the best cheap PHP hosting provider in India organization services. They are optimized with the latest technology and the most popular server-side language. Among our customer’s website/business needs.

Pure SSD storage & Bandwidth

Best PHP web hosting plans come with SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. They are available faster than your normal drives. Get unlimited offers like performance and storage capacity.

Free SSL Promised Security

All low cost PHP hosting plans include a free SSL Certificate. Secure your own website with free let’s encrypt SSL which secures your website from hacker’s attacks.

Free SEO Tools

We offer free SEO Tools (premium worth $49/month). So, you can audit your business website content. Like SEO page audit, keyword research, SERP analysis, and 20+ many more factors.

Top Listed 7 + Security

PHP web hosting plans include top free 7+ security tools for your future business. Like DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection, firewall, Imunify 360, Imunify AV+, and ModSecurity. With a 24×7 support service network.

1-Click Apps Installs

In the build click installer to our PHP MySQL hosting plan. With 1 click you can install 450+ various applications. Like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, Magento, Ecommerce, PrestaShop, Photo Galleries, etc.

99.99% Uptime Assurance

All Cheap PHP web hosting platforms offer zero downtime. They are optimized for all-time visible website performance. Explore business success with high-performance servers 99.99% uptime server assurance.

Email Management

Manage your emails through enhanced email management. With our top PHP web hosting control panel by Pop3, Aliases, and FTP access. And extra resources on-demand access from any device.

Automated Free Backup

Configure “JetBackups”- a weekly automated backup process to prevent the risk of data loss. Usually, we keep our data disaster recovery plan ready. And store valuable files in separate locations.
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Customer Testimonials

DomainRacer provides reliable web hosting for PHP developers. It’s user-friendly hosting, and their support team is just awesome, most of the time when I’m asking for help, they give me a reply within a minute. Thanks, DomainRacer Support team!

Megan Watson

Team Lead, Fit Business

I’m really happy with the DomainRacer service. It has the best customer support with quick response and reasonable plans. They offer great customer service via call, live chat, email, ticket system, WhatsApp. I have never found this kind of support.

Andy Walters

IT Director, Lean Search

Very good service for an affordable price! I’ve been using the DomainRacer shared hosting plan. I was satisfied with the services and hosting features. Because they provide cheap and reliable hosting with all hosting features.

Robin Castro

Engineer, Computer Sciences Corp.

General Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using PHP Web Hosting?
We offer the most comfortable and easy to handle administration. To allow you to easily install more cloud and web applications.

We provide a transparent database management system that lets you handle your database. Furthermore, we offer an updated version of PHP with a free SEO tool. That enhances your search engine ranking. Below we listed the top benefits of PHP MySQL web hosting.

  • Cost-effective: Best when you are looking for a PHP web hosting option.
  • Free SSL & cPanel: You get a free SSL Certificate for your secure site.
  • Speedy: PHP uses its own server and loading time gets reduced.
  • Compatibility: PHP can be super flexible web server applications like Apache, Nginx, variations of SQL.
  • Database Integration: PHP can integrate with databases like MySQL. That helps in dealing with a lot of data at a time.
  • Simple to Use: integrates with HTML and CSS, without any plugins to start it.
  • Free SEO ranking tool – SEO Default.

What is the need of PHP Hosting?
PHP is the most popular website development program language. Many web host companies are out there to provide hosting solutions for PHP. Many open-source web content management system applications such as WordPress and Drupal. They are written in PHP. Most of the web pages are designed in a PHP programming language.

DomainRacer is the best PHP hosting solution all over the hosting industry. It includes top features free SSD storage, cPanel, or control panel. And to run 21x faster speed PHP hosting. DomainRacer provides the best customer support & reviews. With the top hosting choice of PHP websites. it includes all the latest PHP features.

What is PHP in Web Hosting?
PHP web hosting means the style of hosting which has the capacity or potential. To read and execute the programming language of PHP. The most common open source content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. They are written in the PHP programming language.

Our web hosting for PHP plans offers the best performance. According to requirements of your website of the most used content management systems.

Web hosting providers available in the market support PHP hosting. Do a careful examination of web host offerings like server speed, website performance, security tools, quality of technical help, and low-budget PHP hosting plans.

These are the vital factors to consider while choosing the best host that suits your needs.

How does PHP web hosting work?
When you buy a PHP web hosting plan you are buying space and the best resources on a server need to build a site. PHP web hosting plan gives you space and best features, expert support. So you can build the website of your dreams.

PHP in windows web hosting is a server-side general-purpose scripting language used. To create and configure the functionality of web pages and can be embedded in HTML. The PHP language is an open-source program and availability. They are free to use on web pages programming languages comparison.

What are the features of PHP hosting for developers?
Each developer or programmer has their own special preferences. So choose the one that is more beneficial for you.

  1. Latest PHP version and have the choice to use many simultaneously.
  2. Unlimited MySQL database
  3. Guidance for any update
  4. Handy Customization
  5. Root access to control Panel
  6. Favor to Linux operating system

Above enlisted are extra geeky features of developers. We can say them as tricks that hosting providers may offer for PHP specialists.


Do I need to pay extra money for PHP Hosting at DomainRacer?
Don’t worry about that. No need to pay more charges as our hosting plans are designed with hosting cost included in it.

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