Choose A Good SSD Hosting For Your Business

SSD web hosting offers lightning-fast data facilitating performance. DomainRacer SSD web hosting stores secure data for your sites and reduced page load times.

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Lightning Fast Speed

Deliver blazing faster speed with cache solutions makes your site super-fast and technology features add extra boost performance.

SSD Space Drives

Best SSD hosting service to make your sites very high-speed loading within a few seconds and unique services to gain competitive advantage

Free HTTPS Protect

Protect sensitive data with an HTTPS Certificate creates a secure environment connection with the web server’s resources and allocate it to growth

Powerful CloudLinux

CloudLinux to your SSD hosting improves server stability, clients’security while enhancing performance utilization by the isolated environment.

Small Business – High Speed Cheapest SSD Web Host

With DomainRacer best affordable SDD hosting services available for custom fast solid state drive cloud storage & build a website for your requirements at a very lowest price.

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SSD Storage with LiteSpeed

Our focus on reliable, efficiency and faster-performing websites with SSD shared hosting turbo speed cache management system at low server loads in hosting environments.

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Free SSL Certificate

Keep your important information safe with Comodo’s Secure layer (SSL) Protect your website with trusted SSL service provider and avoid the not secure warning in the browser

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Highest Security Performance

The ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection and Firewall are top security tools are always ready to secure your website data and avoid data loss.

top rated backup site storage data

JetBackup* Process

JetBackup is one of the most backup software or application to set up a fully customizable backup solution that integrates into your existing with SSD web hosting accounts

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1-Click App Installs & CMS

The Softaculous auto-installer allows the installation of 450+ web applications like WordPress with the 1 click of a button and install a variety of apps to build a website.

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99.9% Uptime Server

The SSD hosting services on the server good working condition there is no interruption or downtime. The Server Uptime Guarantee is one of the most key features of hosting plans.

DomainRacer – 21x Blazing fast SSD Hosting

We offer fast performance driven SSD cloud hosting to deliver more server speed and database accessibility. SSD (Solid State Drive) space that uses non-volatile memory to store data and helps our clients to quick solutions that best in their needs.


Best Shared Web Hosting Unlimited SSD Plans

Why is DomainRacer SSD Web hosting Plans? – 99.9% Uptime Server Guarantee Policy and Fast network connectivity in top countries server support like India, Germany, UK, USA, Singapore, and Canada.

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Faster Unlimited SSD Space

DomainRacer offers blazing fast LiteSpeed Technology with unlimited solid state drives storage and bandwidth to transmit data with free Attracta marketing SEO tools.

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Free Website Builder

DR offers free SitePad and SitePro website builder. They provide their clients 1000+ themes or template layout of free SitePad website builder’s application. RAID 5 technology which prevents from data loss
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Secure Socket Layer

DR provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL( Secure Socket Layer) certificate to secure and safe your website connection. DomainRacer deals with cPanel provide SSL is by default AutoSSL technology

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Want to Easy Migration

Migrating a site from one hosting to another server and provide the high-quality expert team of skilled to migrate your website. The Pop/IMAP and Simple email groups to manage clients email services.

Optimized High Performance Unlimited SSD Hosting

24/7 Experienced Support

DomainRacer offers 24×7 technical support is available for the unlimited SSD hosting and must ensure cheap support team working to quickly resolve the problem the customer received.

Free Guidance Resources

We providing top class customer service with dedicated and flexibility allowing them to full guidance of resources like blogknowledgebase and Top Video Series

Development friendly

Need more freedom when developing websites? We offer the best versions of solutions by supporting multiple languages and database access and lasted PHP version support.

What They’re Saying

Happy Customers

Thank god, these guys solve issues gently and assist in appropriate action timely. nice to have words with Domain Racer team. Hopefully will go relationship smoothly forever

Lynne Ball

Leader, Wordlab Pvt Ltd

I have been using domain racer web hosting service since 2016 and I can say that without any doubt they are very good at their work they are best in web hosting

Arnold Peters

Director, Hipster Business Inc.

I am hosting my site on DomainRacer now I can say they are providing excellent services for web hosting. domainracer guys are really good at providing quick support within seconds.

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Soft. Engineer, Wordoid

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What Is SSD hosting?

In SSD Web Hosting a single server hosts multiple websites. This device is designed to store data permanently and can be found on personal computers and servers.

The first provider’s solid state drive (SSD) hosting, The SSDs represent an improvement compared to the traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Solid state disk (SSD) has no moving parts (Non-Volatile) and all information is recorded permanently and moving data is faster on the SSD and there is no problem with files in your memory because of the access speed on the device.

Get more benefit with SSD hosting?

Choosing our cheapest SSD Hosting plans is so important. You get the more benefit of our Server platform. Our blazing fast SSDs faster ultra-reliable performance than other accounts come with backup by 99.9% Uptime Commitment.

Have any questions about our cheap SSD Hosting package? Our 24/7 Guru Support team can help or assist you with your query and question. Host your site on our high-performance SSDs hosting powered combination.

DomainRacer provide the top key features with unlimited SSD Hosting are below:

Faster Speed SSD – faster speed is the big advantage of SSD (Solid State Drives) Hosting. All our speed tests, sites hosting on our SSDs are 200% faster page loads with high traffics than sites hosted on an HDD (Hard Disk Drives).

Enhanced Reliability – The big benefits SSDs are more efficient and capable of handling peak use times than HDD. Solid State Drives are also more secure because do not have moving or non-volatile parts.

Friendly Environment – Solid state drives (SSD) use less power than traditional HDDs. As a unlimited SSD Hosting provider

Which SSD hosting company is the best?

DomainRacer unlimited SSD hosting company in terms of speed uptimes and you get best affordable quality speedy SSD servers and all SSD hosting plan comes with lifetime free SSL certificates and many more features are shown below

Robust Web Hosting Features

  • Solid-state Drive – SSD (solid- state drives) space faster speeds and improved uptime. This means faster delivery of your content.
  • 99.9% Uptime  – Optimized with the best & latest software and surety online availability uptime guarantee.
  • Secure JetBackups – With JetBackup you can easily restore your complete data with the click in minutes
  • 24/7 Priority Support – Our award-winning technical support team always guide you & support your questions.
  • DDoS protection Security – Our fully protected top server secure by best security tools like firewall and ModSecurity.
  • Top Data Centre – Top data center server support like India, USA, UK, Singapore, Germany, and Canada.
  • Free Website Migration – Migrate your website from one host to another. We always assist you every step and ensure your site stays online and available.
What is the advantage of SSD drive over HDD?

Solid state drives (SSD) are generally faster than hard disk drives (HHD) the major benefit of SSD cloud hosting is website faster speed load times because the drive can give up data faster of your site consequently load and SSD cloud hosting 200% faster page loads than HDD. Because faster page load speed is a Google ranking factor and big benefit significantly more successful.

SSD (Solid State Drives) has access speed of 40 to 100 microseconds which deliver 100 times faster the performance of HDD (Hard Disk Drives). This results in gives fast speed performance, faster application and better system responsiveness.

The solid-state drives can really help you to improve your online presence in google ranking and ensure faster website load speed for better user experience. Choose the SSD cloud hosting plan you will get the best advantage of cpanel or control panel and benefits mentioned from DomainRacer

In SSD there are no moving or non-volatile parts and due to the nature of flash memory to generates less heat and helping to increase its lifespan. While HHD moving parts comes added heat so that the higher the heat and the greater the potential can slowly damage electronics over time.

Why choose DomainRacer for SSD hosting?

The best feature of SSD web hosting is you can experience a very high-speed website performance. So, the page load time will be very less as compared to HDD hosting.

The traffic also handled through unlimited SSD hosting. In market DomainRacer is best SSD hosting provides affordable plans with very less price and unlimited SSD uses less energy and is much faster than traditional storage with free SSL

SSD (Solid State Drive) drives are faster, reliable and more efficient than conventional hard drives (HDD). That means you get a faster speedy site, better user experience and zero downtime.

DomainRacer is offer top most features of the web hosting using both SSD and HDD like

  • Very high performance
  • Very high transfer speed
  • Lower power needs
  • Rapid Disk I/O Performance


Where are your server located?

DomainRacer data servers are located in India, Canada, UK, USA, Germany, and Singapore. Since the distance of datacentre does not impact on speed & performance of your website. Since we offer solid state drives storage space and 21x LiteSpeed cache technology with unlimited SSD web hosting and reseller hosting package.