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    Cheapest cPanel Web Hosting with High Features

    We provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee policy with 24/7/365 days real lifetime customer support team. There is various unlimited cPanel web hosting high-speed platforms available in India, UK, USA, Germany, France, and Singapore-based data servers.

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    Ultra-Fast 21x LiteSpeed Technology

    Speed determines success…!! Our cheapest cPanel hosting delivers lightning-fast loading speed your site, regardless of the extent of traffic you anticipate. You can trust us, we save your customer every valuable second.

    100% Limitless SSD Hosting

    Always focus on performance and redundancy. Cheap unlimited Cpanel web hosting provides the safest storage using enterprise-grade SSD. In combination with first-class powerful hardware and well-configured RAID10 technology.

    Ultra Modern Security Measures

    Our high-speed cheap cPanel web hosting is admirably equipped with robust pack protection against any cyber-attacks. Powered by proprietary software with superbly advanced security tools. Like ModSecurity, PYXSoft, Email Spam Protection, and Firewall.

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    Compatible CloudLinux Environment

    Explore the improvised server stability security and density at DomainRacer. That allows you to handle heavy traffic efficiently. Enhances the security of unlimited cPanel Linux web hosting services.

    Lifetime Free SSL Certificate

    Handover your business into safe hands..!!! Every website hosted with DomainRacer’s on a cheap cPanel web hosting platform comes with a free SSL as default. Our automatic free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate makes your connections secure.

    Ensured 99.99% Server Uptime

    Host your business with almost zero downtime. We understand the importance of the accessibility of your low-cost cPanel hosting website. So promise 99.99% uptime with effectively-equipped jazzed-up hardware and reputable network partners.

    Best Low Price SSD cPanel Web Hosting Services

    High reliable and affordable cheap cPanel web hosting with 24/7/365 days of real-time technical customer support. Manage with different countries like India, UK, USA, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, and Bangladesh, and a 99.99% uptime server guarantee.

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    Extreme Reliability

    DomainRacer offers high-level 21x faster LiteSpeed cache technology. That works qualitatively for your website with reasonable cPanel web hosting.

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    Built-in SSL Certificates

    Get full freedom to secure your connection expeditiously. We act as a safeguard for your website. Prevents your precious data with cpanel web hosting.

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    Automated Backup

    Worried to keep your website safe? Our automatic free Jet-backup system has been lined up weekly to retain your website performance and security.

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    Peaceful Management

    Featuring the few-click Softaculous app installer. That makes managing your clients a zephyr. It is a console to install 450+ best and most helpful apps.

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    IV Tier Global Data Center

    Grab the opportunity to place your business closer to your potential users for ultimate performance. As we have data centers all over the globe. To provide faster response time. 

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    Best Security Tools

    Deal with security like ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection, Imunify AV+, Imunify 360, DDoS Protection, &  Firewall top security tools are always ready to secure website data.

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    Attractive Free 1000+ Themes

    DomainRacer offers you a free SitePad website builder with 1000+ themes and templates for helping you to build and design your website yourself. They have supported cms based webpage.

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    Stress- Free Migration

    Take a deep breath…..!! We will take care of the whole free migration for your business. Best cPanel hosting providers ensures your files are always safe and migrate your website easily from attackers.

    Affordable and Cheap cPanel Web Hosting Services

    DomainRacer providing better and high-quality affordable cPanel web hosting services in 2022 will suit your needs. Like blazing 21x speed, award-winning live chat support, and unlimited resources guidance.

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    Best and Inexpensive Cheapest cPanel Hosting Solution

    Now run your website on high performance with 21x LiteSpeed technology and you can install Magento, Drupal, and Joomla in one-click installation. To support CMS-based websites.

    • Secured Control Panel Platform

    Our mission is to make your website freely visible and safe for everyone. Boost your business with industry-premium, technically updated security layers with us. We are very passionate about offering the best internet experience to customers.

    • Easy to Use Control Panel

    Get complete administrator admittance to control your site with boosted speed. With affordable cPanel web hosting solutions. You can manage content, theme, and plugins effectively. Allowing you to create a beautiful website.

    • Blazing Faster SSD cPanel Hosting

    Just proud to be part of it..!! Our modern robotic systems and powerful hardware are specially designed to keep your website fully functional around the clock. We’re so confident in enterprise-level SSDs to make your website fly with great uptime.

    Get Best Deals with Cheap cPanel Hosting

    Get Free Extra Addons

    Professionally not strong but reasonable cPanel web hosting? DomainRacer gives free resources like KnowledgebaseBlog, and Youtube Video Helps to make you aware of all cPanel web hosting plans, prices, and features. You need to pay some casual charges on purchasing extra facility resources.

    Select PHP 5.6 to 8.3 Versions

    We offer CageFS application to select multiple PHP versions like PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3 to PHP 8.3, etc – select any as per your choice and 99.99% uptime service guarantees high performance with top 10 countries data center service.

    Meet Our Knowledgeable Super Heroes

    We have a user-friendly team of unlimited cpanel web hosting experts. Always ready and available to assist with any issues. And suggest strategies to make your website successful. Chat with us via phone, tickets, mail, or whats’ app chat. Our doors are always open to speaking directly to knowledgeable engineers.

    Amiable SEO Nature

    Blast your site on google..!! Compete robustly to stand at the best position in search engines with our free ranking SEODefault Tool. Get better ranking as well as maximized people reach and conversion ratio. To leave a strong impression of your website throughout the globe.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Cpanel Web Hosting

    If you have any cheap cpanel web hosting related queries then must read below

    How DomainRacer provide secure cPanel hosting?
    Yes, DomainRacer cPanel hosting is highly secured with a list of number of tools like ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection and Firewall to secure your website from attacks. We offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to secure your website connection.
    Do I need technical knowledge cPanel hosting?

    By using the control panel you easily manage your dedicated domain name and committed cPanel web hosting in one place compared to other web hosting companies. DomainRacer organization offer or dealer free guidance resources like BlogKnowledgebaseYouTube Video Tutorial, etc.

    How does support team solves users query?

    If you have any questions or queries about the cheapest cPanel web hosting, you will get 24/7/365 days of support. A team is always here to assist you day or night via ticket support, email, and call support. DomainRacer is in the top 5 companies’ data server list in the world from various countries like India, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore, etc.

    Why should I choose DomIanRacer For cPanel Hosting?

    We aim to provide you with an inexpensive price hosting service out of all the competition. You’ll get first resources such as unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, FTP access, databases, Attracta SEO Default tool, security tools, Email service, 24/7 Support team with 99.99% uptime.

    How to manage cPanel website?

    cPanel is a site management tool created to help you get the maximum potential out of your hosting space. cPanel web hosting will let you set up forwarders, and auto-responders and will include top security tools to help you keep your website secure from attacks.

    What is unlimited cPanel web hosting?

    With unlimited cPanel web hosting, you will gain or allocate all limitless cPanel accounts with immeasurable resources and vendor services and DomainRacer assign offers their best reseller plans and services deals around the world firm customers India, Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Pakistan, etc.