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WordPress Hosting - 21x Faster Provider

WordPress LiteSpeed Cache Technology, Unlimited SSD Storage and Bandwidth, DDos Protection and Faster Speed Load – to build your own professional business website
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WordPress LiteSpeed

You will get cheapest 21x fastest LiteSpeed web server for better performing website
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Infinite SSD Storage

Unlimited SSD Storage for your site to Store data with Unmetered GB Bandwidth.
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Free SSL Certificates

Free SSL certificate means the secure your website from data loss and hacker attack.
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CloudLinux Enviornment

Basically, it is provided for better and high performance usage of a facility of your services

Top WordPress Web Hosting Services

Recommended No.1 Cheap Linux WordPress Hosting Business

Lightning Speed for WordPress Hosting

For WordPress Hosting boost or improve website speed Performance DR offer 21x Litespeed Web Server to high traffic.

Complete SSD Package Solution

Domainracer provide inexpensive and infinite SSD Storage resources for WordPress Hosting to Store Data with Bandwidth.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Fear of unsecured website then DomainRacer offers full of https security with free of cost to secure your connection.

Security Performance Tools

DR offer top Security tools for secure your website and Data. Like ModSecurity, DDos Protection, PYXSoft, MagicSpam and Firewall.

Professional WordPress Hosting

Useful Resources for Building Your Own WordPress Site

Free JetBackup Recovery

JetBackup is Backup recovery solution for cPanel free. Your backups are always up to date and protected.

Free Attracta SEO Kits

We provide free SEO Attracta Marketing Tools Kits to Blazing or Boost Your website ranking in Google.

99.9% Uptime Commitment

Our 24/7/365 real time support with ultra-reliable servers a website may be available 99.9% uptime.

1 – Click Auto Installer Apps

Our 1 Click Auto Installer install 450+ all leading WordPress Blogs, CMS, Ecommerce, Forums and many more Just in 1 click..

Free Website Data Migration

DR offer one time free c-pannal migration or transfer data from old server to new server.

Build Website with Site Builder

Here you will get free 1000+ themes or templates with free SitePad Website builder. To design your own website its very useful.

#1 Exclusive Faster WordPress Web Hosting

By High Performing LiteSpeed Web Server Technology Unmetered SSD Storage WordPress Hosting Plans. With UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Singapore Based Server and Support.

Why Choose Us


WordPress Load Balancing

21x LiteSpeed web server reducing speed of website with high traffics

Infinite SSD Storage

Get limitless SSD Storage resources for WordPress Hosting with bandwidth to data transfer.

Website Security with SSL

Free Lets Encrypt SSL with standard security protocol which is link between a Web server and browser.

Best WordPress Hosting with Affordable Price

Domain Racer is the best WordPress hosting provider and inexpensive SSD Storage Plans with the high-performance server resources :

  • WordPress Hosting Contains Security: DR hosting always ready to secure your website data and avoid data loss. DDoProtection, MagicSpam and firewall which blocks around 99% web attacks…
  • Support Multiple PHP Versions: With DR WordPress hosting plans support multiple versions of PHP. As per your choice change the multiple PHP version for your hosting.
  • Top Data Servers: DomainRacer deals with top servers in the world countries like UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and Germany etc
  • Excellent Resources: and DR Offer’s client’s free guidance resources like Blog, Knowledgebase and Youtube Video Series etc.
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Client Email Management

Domain Racer optimized Email Management Services for Manage Client Email via POP/IMAP, FTP, Aliases and Email Management Group.
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Experience Support Team

24/7/365 real time support with ultra-reliable servers like Ticket, Chats, Emails, Call Support  and website may be available 99.9% uptime server Guarantee.
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Full Development Friendly

Support lang & database like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python etc and Offer multiple PHP Version choose as per choice option PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2 etc
Build Website with WordPress

Domain Racer Offers Cheapest and reasonable WordPress Hosting Services in countries like India, UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Singapore. DR gives Some Key Features that you want when purchasing for WordPress Hosting Plans.

  • 21x Faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology
  • Unlimited SSD Storage Hosting
  • Free 256-Bit Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • One Click Softaculous Auto Installer
  • Support Multiple Lang and database PHP, MySQL etc
  • Free Website Builder (SitePad 1000+ Themes)
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a way to help me if I need to migrate site?

Yes, DomainRacer offers one free website migration from old server to new server. It is in the top 10 companies list to provide ultimate WordPress web hosting features.

Do you provide one-click auto installer?

YES. Domain Racer Provide Our 1 – Click Softaculous Auto Installer install 450+ all leading Blogs & Articles, PhpBB, Magento, Ecommerce, PrestaShop, Forums and many more web solutions Just in one click. DR also provides website builder to with free 1000+ themes and templates.

Why choose DomainRcaer for WordPress hosting?

DomainRacer is top WordPress Hosting provider 2019 company. Our aim to provide best features like unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, FTP access, Attracta SEO Kits & security tools, Supports languages and databases and support cms like WordPress etc

Do you want to learn more about WordPress Hosting?

DomainRacer offer clients/customers free top 3 addons guidance resources like Blog, Knowledgebase and Youtube Video Tutorial etc. You will deal top 5 data centers in the world like UK, USA, Singapore, Germany and Canada etc

What do I get with WordPress hosting from DR?

You’ll get a list of resources such as unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, ability to manage faster speed with LiteSpeed technology, Security Tools, Email Management Services, Supports multiple languages and friendly support team 24/7/365 days in India, USA, UK, Singapore and Canada etc.

Do you provide support from DR?

Yes, DomainRacer support team is available 24/7/365 real-time with ultra-reliable servers like Ticket, Chats, Emails, Call Support and We provide their top services world countries like India, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, UAE etc.